First things first. A bit about why I started the business. I am a stay at home Mom. I have 2 kids and haven't always felt "sexy". So I decided to treat myself and went to a local lingerie retailer. I approached the lady working there who was about my size and asked her where I should look. I was told that they wouldn't have anything for me there. At first I was upset. Then I asked why not? The clerk told me that she herself couldn't shop there because of the tube format of most of the lingerie there. She told me that unless a body was symmetrical top to bottom that a woman would not fit in the lingerie they sell. WHAT REAL WOMAN IS COMPLETELY SYMMETRICAL????

I started asking friends if they had experienced this before. Most of them said that they had. This made me sad and then mad. I heard stories of Ladies having to pay higher prices because they didn't fit into the standard sizes. I heard of Ladies being made to feel bad about themselves because they didn't fit the "tube" format being offered. I started doing my own research and Sinfully Cinched was born.

Our goal is to build a business that all women will be able to find something that will fit them. Pricing will be done by Style not Size. We want the advertising to be pictures of "real" women. Be they small, large, athletic, any shape. We think that all women should be able to feel Sexy and Beautiful. SEXY IS NOT A SIZE!!! Women should be allowed to LOVE the size they are in and NOT feel bad about it.

Working with our factories we hope to be able to add more product in a wider variety of sizes as time goes on. Right now factories don't believe that there is a market for this. We want to show them otherwise. We have adopted the European sizing format rather than the American, thus keeping it more of a true size format and not as varied from style to style. We currently offer Corsets from size Small to 6XL and Lingerie from size Small to 3XL. In the lingerie a lot of the material has stretch and/or flared components to help accentuate or conceal the natural curves of a womans body depending on how a lady feels about those body parts.

This is a new business so there is lots going on. The webpage is a work in progress, so if you find anything that doesn't seem right, don't be afraid to drop us a line. We are currently using the manufacturers pictures until we are able to replace them with photos of our own.

We are also now booking Home Parties in Central Ontario and are looking to start signing Goddesses (consultants) soon. So keep checking in. More great stuff to come.

Thanks so much for your time and Happy Shopping.

Kristine Luescher
Owner and Founder

Thanks for your interest in Sinfully Cinched.

In business since 2013, our mission is to provide Women with a quality product. With a wide variety of size and style options. As we get bigger we will be able to convince manufacturers that Women of all sizes want to feel SEXY!!!

We will be adding extra features over the next few months, so come back regularly.

You can contact us at:
Sinfully Cinched via mail or phone (705- 737-5452).

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